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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I've been Tagged by Kandice at Coloraddiction! You're supposed to give 8 answers to each of the questions and then tag 8 other blogs. Since I'm tight on time this morning (spent over an HOUR trying to get internet access - turns out they had a bad router or some such thing) I'm just going to toss this out there and anyone who wants to play along is welcome to do so. Kandice made the awesome Tagged graphic and gave permission for those she tagged to use it. Thanks Kandice!

Here are the questions:

8 Things I'm looking forward to:

1. Summer - Longer days and warmer weather and NO SNOW!
2. Riding Maggie Mae (see #1)
3. Jackie coming to visit this summer (see #1)
4. Manifesting my desires
5. Learning how to spin art yarns
6. Shearing the llamas (see #1)
7. Working hard towards my sales goals
8. Spending time with hubby

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Woke up at 3:30 AM and couldn't fall back to sleep for hours!
2. Dyed up a Finn/Targhee fleece (Esther - hope you like it!)
3. Went to town
4. Mailed my packages
5. Gassed up the truck (for the first time in 24 days and it only took 20 gallons!)
6. Went grocery shopping
7. Played around with Twitter and FaceBook, played on-line games
8. Put a bunch of fibers on sale in my etsy store

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. Ride my horse with confidence (took a BAD fall in Oct 04 that put me on crutches for a month!)
2. Reach my sales goals so I can expand!
3. Make lampwork beads, etc.
4. Learn to play the violin/fiddle
5. Learn how to weave (have the looms and everything but no patience)
6. Learn how to make art yarn and beaded yarns
7. Travel to Australia and New Zealand (I hate to fly...should be interesting)
8. Manifest whatever I want in life

8 Things or Shows I have watched

1. The Kentucky Derby (what a race this year!)
2. Survivor
3. Lost
4. Dancing with the Stars
5. Susan Boyle singing (OMG she's awesome!)
6. House
7. Numbers
8. Ghost Whisperer (I love the vintage clothing she wears)

So have fun thinking of your own list of 8's and pass it along!


Audrey said...

Great list!! That must have been hard to do! I don't know if I did 8 different things yesterday.

Hanks In The Hood said...

I too have looms and have no idea how they work. I have a big floor loom that is very scary. Maybe we can try and figure them out together!!!

young said...

nice blog..!!
i really enjoyed it


Michelle said...

I'm looking forward to the summer months too. You sure have a lot to look forward too. How fun that you have llamas. Such sweet animals. Well, minus the spitting. LOL! I've always wanted a llama. Thanks for stopping by today. Take care.

Daisy said...

We were thrilled watching the Kentucky Derby this year, too! I love it when the underdog wins. And so convincingly, too!